Extra trimmings add character to your sinister endeavors. Costs associated with drive-in events are especially high, given the necessity to rent or build a venue, plus extra costs for COVID-19 precautions (see below for more). Many drive-in events feature an FM audio system that beams directly into cars in the audience. This spring, Tito Soto went to see a double feature at a drive-in movie theater. Though only a fraction remain – 305 as of October 2019, down from over 4,000 in their heyday in 1958, according to the United Drive-In Theater Association – drive-in theaters offer a novel night out that hasn’t lost its appeal, despite most drive-ins having been turned into housing developments or shut down in favor of more technologically advanced, air conditioned indoor theaters. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, drive-in movie theaters were experiencing a mini-Renaissance. “If anything, this whole pandemic has shown how resilient the drag community is,” Soto notes. “It’s basically a big labor of love for the community so we can all gather together safely and experience live drag,” Soto says.

With an electric pump it can be inflated in next to no time, but make an BIG impact. Does anyone know of a particular projector feature required, or method to use on any projector that can make the screen size smaller when projected at a large distance (about 20 feet in my case). You can connect your Mac with a wireless projector through Apple’s AirPlay Mirroring feature via an Apple TV. Soto and Drago’s drag show will incorporate digital tips for performers, a feature carried over from live-streamed Twitch drag shows during the pandemic. “Anyone who produces a live event during this pandemic needs to hold themself to the highest degree of responsibility possible in terms of providing a safe environment to their customers, their staff, and their artists, even if that comes at the expense of fun or profitability,” Vital Events’ Nied says. Alex Crothers, the owner of the Higher Ground music venue in Burlington, Vermont, stumbled into drive-in events after getting a call from the local fairgrounds; a high school wanted to hold their graduation ceremony drive-in style. Celebrating these events usually involves decorating our homes, which can prove expensive.

As families seek ways to celebrate traditions while under coronavirus conditions, the ‘digital decorating’ industry is booming – especially around Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas. They also triple-check their permitting requirements and made sure to keep in line with local and federal regulations regarding the coronavirus. Local businesses and philanthropy agreed to help pay for the costs of building a stage and projection screen, which wasn’t cheap. The trick is to project the digital effects onto an ethereal projection screen that appears invisible. The image appears colorful and outstanding. “If you are considering getting into the drive-in space the first thing you need to do is head to the website for whatever county you are considering hosting them in and read all the guidance on what is and is not approved for vehicle-based gatherings,” says Max Nied of Vital Events, who put on EDM events and have put on several EDM drive-ins since the pandemic began. Crothers has put on events using a four-camera shoot. If you have problems using your Windows 10 PC with a project, you may try the following solutions to fix the issue.

Another good answer may be a special cable that has different connection types on each end. Crothers and Higher Ground are donating all proceeds from their pop-up concerts (which he estimates might be $30,000 to $40,000 by the end of the pandemic) to charity. Friends from the famous San Francisco queer bar The Stud (now looking for a new home due to the pandemic) are coming together in helping with stage, lighting, and setting up the right projector for the event. Snow globes are the magical accessory every home should have for the festive period. With everything from giant inflatable snow globes and fun projector lights to traditional lanterns, halloween projector there’s something for all tastes. The LED lights inside make it the globe glow, for added effect. We’ve got our eye on the fabulous inflatable snow globe – don’t delay, it’s first come first served! Simply plug it in or insert the batteries, and it’s good to go. If you want a good scare, this terrifyingly creepy carnival is full of talking animatronic figures. “Customers want safety and are willing to sacrifice traditional entertainment features in exchange. Drive-ins are naturally socially distanced events, but event planners should still consider safety the utmost priority when planning a pop-up event.

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