halloween window projector dancing skeletons

Set the scene with this dead sea backdrop featuring two bony ghouls and a sunken pirate ship. For example, if you’re running your projector in your dining room but need to keep your living room lights on, try hanging a curtain in the door or archway between the two rooms to block the light. Give […]

battery powered halloween projector

On the phone side, OnePlus made a splash by teasing its OnePlus 10 Pro out of China (right in the middle of CES’s media day). Anyone with smart light strips, bulbs, or the Flow Pro light bars from Govee should keep an eye out for seasonal light effects in the next few weeks. But it’s […]

all in one projector halloween

Suitable for: SFX makeup artists, film production, stage acts, photo-shoots, body-paints, etc. These unearthly style lenses makes for a ‘cool & trendy’ effect to wear one black sclera lens in one eye. We enjoy professional special effects makeup, SFX prosthetic makeup, & scary costumes. Confused about what type of contact lenses goes with what makeup, […]

halloween and christmas projector

It is waterproof so you don’t have to worry about bad weather, which is perfect for Halloween and Christmas. But what better way to bring a spooky space to life than to have the aroma of “charred corpse,” “swampy marsh” or “mildew” wafting through the air? Digital decorating is the way to go, y’all. You […]

ghost projector light

While Christmas is currently the priority, Mrs Cooper said the company provides for almost any kind of celebration, from Halloween and Easter to birthdays and christenings. For Christmas, they decided to offer a festive glamping experience, including a visit from Santa himself, which Mrs Cooper said has been very popular with customers throughout December. There […]

halloween flying ghost projector

And while decking out your home with Halloween staples like window decals and stuffed scarecrows is perfectly fine, we think it’s time you step up your game. If you send Pete flying, halloween projector lights you’re out of the game! Find out where to go by checking out the Baird Manor facebook page. A neighborhood […]

winter wonderland projector for halloween and christmas

What’s more is they can also be converted over to be used for other annual celebrations too, like Christmas, Bonfire Night, Valentines Day, Easter and more, which means you’re bound to be getting your money’s worth from your Halloween purchase. We are dying to bring you our 5th Annual Best Decorated Halloween Houses list with […]

projector ideas for halloween

Or you can pick up a Ring Video Doorbell for $99.99. This inflatable Nightmare Before Christmas archway can be yours for $249.99. 12 Program Projections: It plays 12 movies; 6 Christmas and 6 Halloween. There is no Halloween without the Pumpkin King! This pumpkin tabletop centerpiece can be yours for $149.99. This hanging decoration features […]

halloween laser projector

A comprehensive approach to retailing and strong execution around portfolio offerings aren’t Home Depot’s only two competitive advantages. Below, I’ll highlight two of the biggest contributors to that wide business moat. None of these strengths completely protect the business from the next downturn in the housing market. Digital sales are up 20% over the last […]

halloween light show projector

These necklaces are treasure right now, but you can hold onto them for New Year or Mardi Gras celebrations. If you care to be scared, this should be a highlight of your movie-going year. Director and co-writer Scott Derrickson was responsible for the atrocious Keanu Reeves blockbuster The Day The Earth Stood Still, but returns […]