We all have that animalistic nature deeply embedded within all of us – which needs to be entertained in one form or another. But, if you want something suitable for little kids, one expert has just the thing. Suitable for: SFX makeup artists, film production, stage acts, photo-shoots, body-paints, etc. These unearthly style lenses makes for a ‘cool & trendy’ effect to wear one black sclera lens in one eye. We enjoy professional special effects makeup, SFX prosthetic makeup, & scary costumes. Confused about what type of contact lenses goes with what makeup, or costume? Rotting eye contact lenses synergize well with a variety of makeup & costume effects. They have managed to hide the projector well. Also vibe well with Goths, and skull makeup as depicted in the photo. A contrasting style & color lens in the other; likened to our skull makeup idea in this image. The you need to look at the projected image size at the given distance.

Click image to learn more about these cool,dark & sexy wolf contact lenses, or interested in a different color? These gorgeous wolf lenses makes for a great fit with any werewolf costume, werewolf makeup, black Gothic gear, or the charming werewolf that resides within all of us. If you love extreme transformations and werewolf movies, then you will enjoy wearing these anytime you feel like tapping into your inner wolf, and bringing out that inner animal that you know you are. It’s usually the scene when the human turns into some form of vicious animal, or evil fictional character – such as a vampire, werewolf or zombie. This fun twist on the classic skeleton theme incorporates rainbow colors to create a magical, non-spooky Halloween scene. From costumes to candy to pumpkin patches to scary movies, there are endless ways to get into the spirit of this spooky and fun holiday. To get you started, try the paints and tombstones listed below. Celebrate this Halloween with Pennywise the Dancing Clown when you get yourself this officially licensed Pennywise Tabletop Lightshow Projection. Click here to get some great ideas and inspiration for special effects makeup & FX contacts – from Zombie, Vampire, Monster, Macabre, Witch, Ghost, Skull, Clown, Alien, Cat, Creepy, Doll, Reptilian, Sexy, Goth, rocker, and many other great special FX makeup, costumes, and contact lenses ideas.

A Halloween LED projector, which shows rotating images of a multicoloured Witch Hat, Bat, Pumpkin, Haunted House or White Witch, Skull, Ghost and Happy Halloween, window projector also comes in at €11.99. Can you see a ghost? You can use this function to hide the screen during a presentation, but still see the desktop on your personal monitor. We like to see monsters, and other characters that look real and are brought to life; whether it’s a scene in a movie, a theatrical play, on faceoff or on Halloween. What is your favorite scene in any sci-fi or scary movie? Just be sure that the movie you choose is family-friendly if you’ll have little ones joining in on the hauntingly fun night. Also great for spicing up the sexiness of your cat makeup for the clubs, theatre, rock concerts or just role-playing fun with your partner. We’ll be providing a few pointers on how to use technology like projectors to make Halloween more interesting and fun.

These 22.0 Diameter Scleras cover the majority of the eye and serve as a great effect for where you don’t plan on wearing them for more than a few hours at a time, because your eyes need to breathe. Banshee lenses give off a diabolical vibe that’s perfect for any malevolent creatures & characters; serving as a great makeup effect for: demons, devils, reptilians, dragons, & mythical beasts. Black Sclera contact lenses are available in Gothika & CustomSFX brands -. Your eyes are like a black hole… Piercing yellow eyes that will send shivers down the spines of the toughest of mortals. In a Psychological sense, yellow really stands out when paired with black, and personifies strength & vigor. These spine-chilling lenses make for the ultimate effect idea to accentuate your makeup & costumes for: cosplay, halloween, theatre, movies, parties, or just to scare the crap out of children. This simple but yet effective effect is really easy to do and looks great at Halloween.

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