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Created by: Leo Lambert..... Animation by: Ray Nelson

Strum comes to Strumopolis
strip 1


- Strum rides a solar powered guitar called the.. Ultra Sonic Space Guiar.(USSG) Fastest guitar in the universe..!
Pitch pipe The Mad Maestro plays tricks on guitarist especially kids just learning to play. How do you stop him? Through concentation. Yes if you focus he can't stop you.

Melody plays guitar, sings and leads the band called, Bit-Stream. Will they ever come to visit here on earth?... We hope so... Stay Tuned!

Melody at the controls 0f the Space Bass...

Strum and Melody are best friends. The Mad Maestro is still up to his old tricks ...!!! - Look out Strum... Look out Melody...!!!


Here Are Melody's other band members in the studio, Sy and Zepp The band is known as Bit Stream.

Nelson/Lambert copyright 1999

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